Post by Guest Blogger, Jan Kay, Director of Retail Sales for Machine Sheds and Heart of America Group


When the snow is blowing and we are all stuck in the house for the weekend I like to tackle a cleaning project that I have been putting off (usually my laundry room!).

My husband’s asthma tends to kick into high gear when I use normal cleaning products. Since I switched to Watkins products and their soothing fragrances I don’t have to wait until he is out of the house.

I am not recommending that this is appropriate for all but it has made my life easier.

I can rid my home of grime with plant based cleaning formulas and without the harsh toxins found in other cleaners. I like the Aloe and Green tea but it is also available in Lavender or Lemon.

The amazing part is that they work as well as the nasty smelling cleaners.

The window cleaner is streak free and the all-purpose cleaner is my constant go-to product.

It ‘s good to know that the Watkins people got it right way back in the day.

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Jan is the Director of Retail Sales for Heart of America Group. She buys all the merchandise for the Machine Shed and has over 25 years of experience “shopping” and picking out new hot trends. She will be sharing with you her latest finds – let her know if you want to learn more about a trend or a product by emailing her at