Decorating with Chocolate - Machine Shed

It’s day 5 of our Week of Chocolate, make sure you get signed up for our chocolate giveaway – click here to get the details! 

Today we’re showing you how to decorate with Chocolate.

No, it’s not something from Willy Wonka’s room, our Machine Shed designer Steve tells us how to decorate a room in chocolate brown.

According to Steve, “Chocolate color is a great base or neutral for any room. 

You can then accessorize in the “pop” colors of teal and lime green, which are trendy colors this year.

You need to have one color as your base and chocolate brown is the perfect color that can change with
the times and the accessory color can change the look of an entire room.

Another great tip is to layer different shades and textures of brown. 

We used this technique when we designed the lobby of the Holiday Inn
hotel in Milwaukee
and we get comments from our guests all the time on
how warm and rich the lobby is”.


Here is a  design board Steve put together to show you how teal and green work with Chocolate brown.

How do you decorate with Chocolate in your home?