Post by Guest Bloggers Stacy and Mark Christoffersen. They are avid gardeners who maintain a 3/4 acre garden plot for their church.


Spring is here and Mark and I are getting ready to get back to the garden.

Last year we harvested 17,000 pounds and this year Mark set a goal of 18,100 pounds of produce we hope to harvest by the end of the season.

In the dead of winter, Mark mapped out this years garden layout that I added below (or download it here).  Your layout can be as simple or complex as you want, it will help with organization and keep a “bird’s eye view” of your garden.

We ordered and have received all of our seeds:  carrots, beans, watermelons, cantaloupe, cucumbers and zucchini. We also ordered the potato and onion plants which will be shipped the beginning of April.

The garden will be tilled soon by some retired farmers that will be donating their time and equipment towards our church garden.  Once tilled, we will plant carrots, onions and potatoes; we’ll also start the watermelon seeds in a greenhouse.

We’ll keep you updated, but you can start picking out seeds at the garden store and design your garden layout for this planting season.

Welcome to Spring!

What do plan on planting this year? Share it in the comments below!

Guest Bloggers: Stacy and Mark Christoffersen
The Christoffersen’s maintain a ¾ acre gardening plot for their church. All the food grown and harvested is donated to local food pantries and meal sites to provide fresh produce needs. Although not professional, they have come across many successes and challenges of vegetable gardening.