Easter is right around the corner, which means you are probably decorating and getting ready for the holiday.

Pinterest is loaded with different DIY egg and Easter ideas, and we found a paint chip egg garland that we thought we would recreate for you today.

It is bright, fun and easy enough to do with kids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 10 to 12 paint chips with 2 or 3 colors on each chip (We used Lowe’s paint chips)

– Yarn

– An Egg Stencil (Use this one we created for you)

– A pencil

– Scissors

– A single hole punch

– Scotch Tape


Here’s what you do: 


1. First you will trace place your egg stencil on the back side of your paint chip. Make sure you are tracing on the side that doesn’t have the name of the paint chip color, and try to line it up so the white line separating the colors is near the center of the egg stencil. This will make it look like the egg is dipped in different colors.

2. After you trace all of your eggs, carefully cut out each one, following the pencil line you drew on the back.

3. Then, punch two holes about 1/2 in apart from each other near the top of each egg.

4. Next, cut a piece of yarn to the length of your choice (we used a 3 foot piece of yarn) and start stringing your eggs onto the yarn. You’ll want to make sure you put the yarn through the top side of the first hole (see image above) and then bring it back through the bottom side of the second hole. This will allow you to secure the back so the egg doesn’t slip on the yarn.

5. Add a small piece of tape to the backside of the egg to hold the yarn in place. Flip the eggs over and hang on your mantel, on your desk or in a doorway!

Easy, right?

Try it out and post your pictures on the Machine Shed Facebook page!