DIY Fabric Flowers - Machine Shed

With spring in full bloom, flowers sprouting up everywhere and Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’re sharing with you some gorgeous DIY fabric flowers for you to make, wear or giveaway.

We originally found this lovely tutorial on Creature Comforts blog, but wanted to recreate with a little bit of vintage flair.

Follow the steps below – and please be cautious! There is a flame involved, so this project is not recommended for children. Make sure you take proper precautions so you don’t burn yourself or light something on fire.

Here’s What You Do:

1. Cut 5 or 6 circles of fabric (we used a silky nylon fabric) in 3 different sizes.

2. Using a candle, very carefully melt the edges of the circle by placing the fabric close but not in the flame. If you put the fabric directly in the flame, it will burn and leave black marks. Do this all the way around the edge of the circle and repeat on the other circles.

3. Cut 4 slits into your burned-edged circle so it is quartered. Make sure you only cut about 1/4 of the way through the fabric and not all the way to the center.

4. Using the same process in step 2, melt the edges of the inside of the slits in the candle.

5. Repeat on all other pieces.

6. Then, nest the circles within one another, smallest circle on top to make it look like a flower.

7. Using your thread, add a few stitches in the center of the flower to secure all of the pieces together.

8. Add a pretty vintage trinket to the middle with hot glue, and add a pin to the back so you can pin it to your shirt, your bag or a package.

And that’s it! To see a more indepth description of how to burn the edges of the petals, visit the Creature Comforts blog – she has a great video over there.

What would you use your flowers for?