Juicy, delicious burgers on the grill are one of the best ways to celebrate Beef Month – or, really any day the mood for something delicious strikes.

It’s not hard to build a fantastic burger, but there are a few tips and tricks that go into creating this craveable masterpiece:

  • Start with the best ground beef. Most experts say that “80/20 ground chuck” – that’s beef ground exclusively from chuck cuts with an 80% lean to 20% fat ratio – is ideal. Some fat, as well as the marbling (the little white flecks of flavor inside the lean meat), is necessary to deliver juicy, flavorful patties. Look for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand – it must meet 10 quality standards and delivers great taste in every bite! That’s what we use in all of our Machine Shed burgers.
  • Shape ground beef gently into patties – don’t overwork the meat, which can make it tough.
  • There’s no need to add any seasonings beyond a sprinkle of salt and pepper, letting the true beef flavor shine. Of course, you should feel free to dress it up as your heart desires!
  • As your grill preheats, let your patties lose the chill from the refrigerator. Be sure to make sure your grill is good and hot before cooking.
  • Sear burgers on the grill, turning them gently with a spatula. Try not to move them too often, and be patient while they cook! It’s tempting to want to hurry them along, but resist the urge to poke them or smash them down – that will allow their delicious juices to escape.
  • Use a meat thermometer in the center of the patty to determine doneness; when it reads 160°F, they’re ready.
  • Let burgers rest on a clean plate for a few minutes before serving while you gently toast the sliced buns.

That’s it – follow those simple steps and you’re on your way to backyard burger bliss!

Of course, we’d always like to see you at the Machine Shed if you want to leave it to us!

What’s your  favorite burger topping? Share it in the comments!