Guest Post by Stacy Christoffersen 

I’ve always heard cooking with a cast iron pan is great, but I never bought one – until recently.

My first purchase was a cast iron pizza stone to go on the grill.  My husband mentioned he wanted a cast iron pan to grill fish on.  Lately a lot of our fish have fallen through the grill when we flip the fish.  We then spotted the cast iron pizza stone and both immediately thought this would work great!

First I washed the pan with hot water and then seasoned the pan by folding a paper towel and applied a thin coating of vegetable oil in the pan.

I took the pan and placed it directly onto the grill and heated it up.  When the grill was hot enough, I  placed the fish on the pan for a few minutes, flipped it and cooked the other side until it was done.  The fish was amazing it had a great seared coating on both sides.

After we were done eating, I left the pan in the grill and once it cooled down I used a rubber scrapper and scraped whatever was left on the pan in the garbage and then stored the pan back on the grill for next time.    I’m going to continue to apply a thin layer of oil for the next few times, but eventually I won’t need to add the oil and my cast iron pan will be fully seasoned.

Since cast iron is very porous, never use soap or scouring powder on the pan – it will destroy the nonstick coating (if this accidentally happens, read here about how to reseason a cast iron skillet).  My next cast-iron plan is to bake cookies on the grill, I’ll let you know how it goes.

 Do you use cast iron in your kitchen?