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Summer is full of get togethers, and why not treat the party host to a fun kitchen gadget gift?

Here are our picks for gift giving this summer:

1.  One Handed Jar Lifter: It’s as easy as grip and lift! they had canners’ best interest in mind when they designed the one handed jar lifter – $9.95

2. The Canning Funnel: the canning funnel was designed to keep jar rims and counters mess free. the outer collar fits securely over the top of both wide and regular mouth jars, and also keeps the lower funnel edge off the counter to avoid messes and contamination – $8.95

3.  Chop2Pot:Laid flat, chop2pot  provides a durable, knife friendly cutting surface for all types of food preparation. but when the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, forming a convenient chute down which chopped food can be neatly guided – $15.95

4. Thin Apple Slicer: Simply push the slicer blades down over the apple, flip the protective cover underneath and pop the apple slices the rest of the way through the blades. cuts 12 slices – $12.95

5. Canning Rack: This canning rack keeps jars separated, reducing the chances of breaking during processing. the rack is reversible and can hold 4 oz., ½ pint, pint, and quart sized jars.  with two of these racks, canners can load up one with short jars, then stack another rack and set of jars on top! fits most 16 Qt. or larger stock pots – $14.95

6. The Farmer’s Wife Canning and Preserving Cookbook: More than 300 blue-ribbon canning and preserving recipes culled from the farmer’s wife magazine – $15.99

7. Ceramic Knives: Ceramic knives are extra sharp to ease the work and ceramic helps keep the produce from turning brown. pairing knife $19.95 • chef knife $49.95


All of these items can be found at the Machine Shed gift shop.

And while you’re in the gift shop – make sure you try this week’s item of the week!

Item of the Week: Fresh Wave Sanitizing Spray

Where It’s Made: Rising Sun, Indiana

Description: Fresh Wave® natural odor eliminators use the power of nature and molecular science to get rid of organic and inorganic odors. Rather than masking unwanted odors, our products go to the source to destroy the odor. More importantly, Fresh Wave products use no toxins, so they are safe to use around people and pets.


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