New for 2012 – Firecracker Chicken

Fair foods are now an “attraction” at most fairs and the crazier the better.  The Machine Shed Chefs enjoy taking a break to create some unique treats for fair visitors and have been one of the top vendors at the WI State Fair for the past 4 years.  They started with Chocolate Covered Bacon in 2009 – and have since sold over 250,000 pieces.  In 2010 we debuted the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger – an instant hit among adults and kids!  2011 was deep fried butter – the chefs worked for months to make this unique treat just right.  This year, we have made our best tasting food – Firecracker Chicken!  Tender chicken strips coated in a mesquite Jalapeno cornbread batter, deep fried until golden and of course served on a stick! 

Thanks to our Facebook likers who helped name “Firecracker Chicken” back in April when the chefs were taste testing but didn’t have a good name.   If you have ideas for 2013 fair – please let us know – it may be the next “best thing”!