Post by staff writer Stacy Christoffersen

Did you know there are different types of cinnamon?  While cleaning out my pantry, I found I had 3 different kinds of cinnamon – can you really tell a difference between them????

A few co-workers and myself did a simple taste test of the 3 different varieties I had.


1.  Penzey’s Cinnamon

2.  China Tung-Hing Cinnamon

3.  Ceylon Cinnamon

The regular Penzey’s Cinnamon had a much darker red color too it and it was very sweet, almost like cinnamon sugar.  In fact we checked the ingredients for sugar since it was so sweet, but sugar was not listed.  The second test was on the China Cinnamon, which one taster said tasted like Big Red gum, while another taster said the flavor hits the sides of your tongue.  Finally the Ceylon Cinnamon definately had a more peppery flavor to it.  Overall, we all thought we wouldn’t know a difference if we baked with it.  Our simple solution was to bake with what you got, we are not cinnamon connoisseurs, but we all do a lot of baking.  I plan on using up what I have, if the pumpkin pie tastes better or worse, I’ll let you know.

It might be fun to try some different cinnamon flavors and let us know if you find a difference when it comes to baking or cooking with cinnamon.