During the fall, we tend to take a second look at our pantry’s – we help fill up the food pantry’s, we stake stock in what we need to purchase for the upcoming holiday’s or we just want to make a pot of chili.  Chef Tim from the Iowa Machine Shed in Des Moines shares what essentials should be in your pantry for canned and dry staples.


Canned and Dry Staples:

Tomato Paste

Crushed Tomatoes

Diced Tomatoes

BBQ Sauce

Beans, such as; Kidney, Navy, Cannellini, Garbanzo, and Chili


Roasted Red Peppers

Assorted pastas, such as; Penne, linguini, Orzo, Fettuccini, Elbow, and Spaghetti

Long Grain & Brown Rice

Beef & Chicken Stock

Vanila Extract

Bread Crumbs


Cane & Brown Sugar

Corn Starch

What do you need to add to your pantry that is on the list?