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5 Tips to keeping a clean desk

 Take a quick look at your work space – is it time for a little organization?  Award winner Jennifer Garnica, who recently won the office’s “Cleanest Desk Award”, gives us all tips on how to keep a neat and tidy work space.


1.  Keep a file for every category of your job. 

I am an accountant, I keep separate folders for:

  • Accounts receivable           
  • Accounts payable
  • Payroll
  • End of month items

If your individual files become too large, you might have to do a monthly folder for each category.

2.  Deal with items in your inbox immediately.

This is true for both electronic and paper inboxes – open it and make a quick decision to file it or delete it.  Your inbox should not be a “hold for later” box.

3.  Finish a project or job before starting the next project

Keeping your focus is key to staying organized.  Of course, this may vary by the nature of your work.

4.  Replace personal objects, do not add to it 

If you child makes an art project, display it, when they make another project, remove that project and replace with the current one – do not continue to add.  This also goes for pictures.

5.  Take the last 10 mins. of your day to organize and get ready for the next day.

Just to be fair, I took a picture of my work space and I have already been working on steps 4 and 5.

Stacy's desk

Stacy’s desk

Jen's desk

Jen’s desk

What tips do you have to share that keep your work space clean?