It’s early in the garden season and get ready, it’s time to plant potatoes and onions! 
To plant potatoes, you start with a potato and cut it in thirds or quarters. Then keep them outside for a few days in order for the fresh cut side of the potato can dry out get a protective skin over it.

The next step is to till a trough about 2-3 inches deep, place the cut side of the potato down and then push the dirt over the potato.

It’s also the perfect time to plant onions. Onions are shipped in bundles, with each bundle containing 80 small onions. Till a trough about 1 ½ – 2 inches deep and place the onion in the trough and then cover up with dirt making sure the green stalks are standing up. 

The next step is to wait.  Wait until the official frost date has past to start planting the rest of the vegetable and flower garden.

Celebrate Earth Day this year by getting your garden soil ready for planting – there’s still plenty of time!