As summer begins to wind down, I wanted to find a way to continue to enjoy my fresh summer herbs all year long. I purchased a small greenhouse for about $20 and transplanted some of my basil, parsley, and cilantro into small pots. I have had them inside for 2 weeks now and so far, so good!front

Here are some tips to keep your herbs healthy indoors:

1. Make sure you keep them near a window, they need as much natural light as possible.
2. Put small rocks at the bottom of your pot under the dirt to make sure the roots do not rot. Indoor plants will not need as much water, so make sure you check the soil before watering.New Image
3. It is best to transition your plants to the indoors. After transplanting into pots keep the greenhouse outside for a few hours each day until the plant looks healthy enough to keep indoors for good.
4. Keep herbs away from heat vents, they need to maintain the humidity level within the greenhouse, and being exposed to dry air will be detrimental to the plant.

What herbs or plants will you be growing indoors this year?