Sweater Pillows- No Sewing Required! - Machine Shed

Looking for a quick solution to outdated throw pillows?  Try this idea for sweater pillows, no sewing required!

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Step 1:  Place the pillow you want to cover inside the sweater to determine where to cut the fabric.







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Step 2:  Cut the extra fabric from the top of the sweater, leaving the sides intact.





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Step 3:  Turn the sweater fabric inside out, cut the adhesive tape to the length of the sweater.  Iron it into place so that the top of the sweater is now closed.







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Step 4:  Switch the fabric back to the finished side facing out, and stuff the pillow into the new cover.  To close the bottom you will use another peice of adhesive tape to secure the bottom, after ironing cut close to the edges so it has a finished look.  (Note, it will not be perfect, but it will rest on the bottom and for a quick project with no sewing involved, it looks nice!)







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There you have it!  Your very own sweater pillow.