What was it like growing up on a family-owned dairy farm?  Read below for an interview with Karen Sass, a 21 year-old college senior and proud member of Sass Dairy. 

Sass Dairy is a family owned dairy farm just outside of Chatfield, MN.   It has been in the Sass family for two generations, starting with my grandpa in 1958. We milk over 250 cows and have 1000 acres to grow corn and hay, mostly to feed the livestock.

I loved growing up on the farm.  All of my aunts and uncles, cousins, and my dad’s parents lived in the same location near the farm. My favorite part of it, besides being near my family, was being able to be outside all of the time. We had so much space to play and do just about anything outside. We also had a lot of freedom since all of our neighbors were family.

Growing up on the farm like I did completely shaped my childhood. In middle school, I participated in 4-H. I showed dairy and pigs and took a few non-livestock projects, but I liked showing dairy the most.  I am also extremely close to my family and consider my cousins to be like brothers and sisters. We were all raised similarly and were together a lot – I love going home to see them.