With three generations working side-by-side the Hasselmann Family Farm is your typical ‘old-fashioned’ hog farm. Raising their hogs with a pastoral approach, utilizing solar energy and the close relationship they have with their customers is something you would envision from decades ago.  

Located just outside of Chicago in Marengo, Illinois the 80 acre diversified farm is owned by Scott and Nena Hasselmann and operated with the help of their children, George and Alexia, and both sets of their parents. 


The Family Farming Difference- 

Scott, Nena, George & Alexia doing their daily chores

“Overall, it is a team effort at Hasselmann Family Farm! We value and truly enjoy working together to produce healthy, tasty, and humanely-raised food for our customers.”

Everyone has their own role, from feeding the pigs to delivering orders. Without each person’s unique skill set it would not be the fully functional farm that produces quality products and directly sells them to customers that it is.


Harvesting Solar Energy- 

The key to the richness, texture and flavors of their pork is solar energy. The Hasselmann’s use a pastoral approach by giving their pigs consistent access to fresh air and continual pasture rotation. As an additive to their diet, the farm grows non-GMO grains for the pigs.

“Our goal is to capture as much solar energy as possible via green grass and legumes, and then to let our pasture raised livestock harvest that energy through grazing.”


Selling Directly to Consumers-

The farm’s continued success can largely be attributed to their community of 100’s of consumers. The family views their customers as their extended family because they have grown so close to all of them through direct selling. These relationships are why the Hasselmann’s enjoy farming so much!

“It is the most gratifying feeling when a customer tells you, ‘That was the best pork chop I have ever ate.'”

Learn more about Hasselmann Family Farm on their website.