Are you looking for a creative gift to make for mom for Mother’s Day? We found a great idea from I Watch Them Grow to make a footprint stepping stone that would be a perfect addition to any yard or landscape! This special gift will sure to please mom, grandma or any gardener if your family.



Buy a stepping stone kit that includes cement powder, a plastic mold, letter and number stamps, colored glass beads and mosaic tiles.


Following the kit instructions, combine the cement mix with water in a bucket, stir and pour it into the plastic mold. Place the glass decorations immediately, then wait 30 minutes before doing the letter or number stamps.


Do each footprint one at a time, placing it in the right spot carefully and then applying lots of pressure to have a good impression that will stay throughout the setting period.


Let the cement set a bit longer and then stamp each kid’s first initial next to their footprint, as well as the year.


Here are a couple of other ideas for a footprint stepping stone:

  1. Make a butterfly shape with the footprints by putting the left foot on the right side and right foot on the left side, close together to look like wings. Then create the body and antennae of the butterfly with glass marbles or other decor. You could also surround the butterfly with a mosaic of colored glass.
  2. Make a stepping stone path using one footprint stone for each year. It shows the growth of your child’s feet over time and would be such a special keepsake project to have in your yard!