Get Ready, Get Set.....Plant! - Machine Shed


Spring has sprung! It’s been a little over three weeks since we planted our Backyard Safari Gardens and it’s time to replant our seedlings.Since the weather is still not quite warm enough outside, we are going to transfer the seedlings into a larger pot and place them in a sunny window until the weather warms up to about 70 degrees¬†Fahrenheit. Don’t worry if you haven’t planted your seeds yet, there is still time! Head on over to the Machine Shed to pick up your Grow Gardens – we still have some left!

It’s important to give seedlings more room to grow once they show true their leaves to prevent them from rotting or so they don’t become stunted. If you don’t have enough pots for your seedling during the transition period, try making temporary pots out of newspaper. For directions, visit

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