A Little Corny - Machine Shed


We don’t know about all of you but here at the Machine Shed we think corn is aMAIZing! Some of the corn we serve at the Shed comes directly from our Machine Shed garden. Corn is a mealtime favorite and we use plenty of it, so we can’t grow it all in our garden – we also utilize local farmers at each location as well! If you are looking for some tasty sweet corn to prepare for yourself at home, stop by these wonderful farms that the Machine Shed uses below. If you want to freeze your own corn to enjoy all year long, check out some tips from Old World Farms Garden on how to preserve your sweet corn.

Local Farmers:

  • Kurt’s Green Acres and Little Red Barn in Davenport IA
  • Deardorff Farms in Adel IA
  • Bassie Farms in Colgate WI
  • Costa Farms in Stillwater MN
  • Mares Farm Market in Clintonville WI
  • Rain Water Farms in Rochelle, IL

Shucking corn or working in the garden can have a toll on your hands, so we sell No-Crack Lotion for only $4.95 in the Machine Shed Gift Shop! It is farmer approved and has been a best seller at the Machine Shed for over 15 years.  So whether you want to eat corn, grow corn or preserve corn, head on over to the Machine Shed and we will help you out!