Back to School! - Machine Shed


With the end of August comes the beginning of the school year! This can be an exciting and nerve racking time for both kids and parents. With never ending to do lists and getting in the hang of a new schedule, things can get kind of hectic. One simple thing you can do as a parent to make your morning run smoother and your kid’s day a little better is to plan and pack a yummy lunch. At the Machine Shed, we have decided the best way to pack a school lunch is to divide it into categories. We found this great printable from Tatertots & Jello to show you what kind of options you can have for a main course, a fruit or veggie, a snack, a treat, and a drink. At the beginning of the week you can make a list of quick and easy options under each category and choose from the list every morning.

And remember, if you need help you can always turn to Machine Shed recipes. We hope your back to school experience is an exciting and tasteful one!

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