The Itsy Bitsy Spider - Machine Shed


The month of October kicks off the start of the holiday season. The next few months come with lots of seasonal home décor from pumpkins to Christmas lights. Now that the weather has turned cold and the kids have started playing inside, we have just the perfect craft to keep them busy. Nothing can add to the spooky Halloween décor you have like a spider web can.



To make these fun crafts, all you need are three wooden sticks, a fake spider, glue, and yarn. You can get whatever color yarn you would like, but if you want to stick to the traditional look you should get white yarn. For an even bigger effect you can paint the wooden sticks white or silver. Start by gluing the three wooden sticks together at the center, forming an asterisk shape. After that you tie one end of the yarn to the center of the sticks. Then you begin wrapping it around the other spokes moving it outward by going over then under each spoke. Lastly, tie off the yarn and add a plastic spider. This is quick and easy for your little ones and you can hang this creepy crawly craft anywhere you would like!