Party Planning 101 - Machine Shed

Holidays are approaching and planning the perfect party or get together can be stressful. It could feel like there are a million things to do without enough time to get them done. These 10 tips can help take the stress out of planing your event so it can go off without a hitch!

Party Planning Tips:

  1. Pick a date and a location. This may be something we could help with, have you seen our banquets space?
  2. Set a budget. Then stick to it!
  3. Create a list of people to invite. Send out the invitations via Facebook, phone, e-mail or mail.
  4. Set a theme. Expand on the holidays or make it as simple as choosing a color.
  5. Plan the menu, including the beverages. The Machine Shed can help with that!
  6. Make a list of supplies you might need. From dinnerware to even the trash bags, make sure you have all of the essentials! 
  7. Plan the layout of the room. Place the food stations throughout the space instead of next to each other – this will help with the flow of the room.
  8. Plan the entertainment.  Music, games, or possibly even a comedian? Secret Santa is always a hit, too!
  9. Choose your decorations. You don’t have to over do it, one or two statement pieces can go along way. Plus, you can always make the centerpieces!
  10. Stay relaxed. Have a good time, it is a party after all!