Thanksgiving Hacks - Machine Shed


Host like a pro this Thanksgiving with these life-changing hacks! Preparing for the holiday can be stressful and these is also the chance to being pressed for time, so we had to share these terrific time-saving tips that will help make the day go a lot smoother. If you want to simplify your holiday even more, leave the cooking to us! Order a complete and convenient holiday meal to go from the Machine Shed! 

Thanksgiving Hacks:

  • Choose some recipes that don’t require an oven.
  • Clean out your non-essentials by emptying your fridge with any half empty sauce bottles, jellies or jars that are just going to take up valuable space. This makes way for more room by storing them in a cooler in the meantime.
  • Read your recipes very carefully to make sure you have all of the ingredients and equipment you need. (Don’t forget the instant read thermometer!)
  • Cook anything you can a head of time and freeze it. This goes for cranberry sauce, turkey stock or the gravy! Just don’t forget to move it to the fridge ahead of time so it has time to thaw.
  • Chop and stock all of your vegetables and herbs a couple days before so you don’t have to waste time doing it the day of. You can even organize and store based off of the recipe!
  • Know how long your turkey will take to thaw – the size of the turkey will determine how many days it will take!
  • Make a timeline for your day-of cooking. Tape it somewhere you can see so you can check it off as you go. (this goes for recipes, too!)
  • Toss your potatoes in the dishwasher on rinse cycle if you have a lot of them to wash – just be sure to leave out the detergent. The heat and humidity will also make them easier to peel!
  • If you are cooking with garlic, pop it in the microwave for twenty seconds to allow for easy peeling and less mess!
  • Don’t overestimate the power of a slow cookers! Make the mashed potatoes in advance and use the warm setting on your slow cooker to keep them at the perfect temperature until it is time to serve.
  • Keep your gravy warm by using a thermos until dinner is served. This helps maximize room on your stove!
  • Have everything in it’s place ahead of time with labeled serving dishes on the dinner table.
  • Don’t worry if you turkey starts to brown too quickly or burn, just cover that section up with a sheet of foil. If your turkey does turn out a little too dry, revive is with a little warm stock.
  • If you don’t want to be stuck with all of the leftovers, provide cardboard containers so your guests don’t leave empty-handed!
  • If all else fails, have a batch of cocktails already made or plenty of wine!