Wildwood Hills Ranch Thanksgiving Day Fundraiser - Machine Shed

The Machine Shed in Urbandale and Wildwood Hills Ranch would like to express sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who joined us for our Annual Thanksgiving Day Buffet Fundraiser and to all of the 115 volunteers who helped make this day successful. The employees and staff of The Iowa Machine Shed and volunteers gave generously to give back to their community by raising money for vulnerable youth. The Annual Thanksgiving Day Buffet raised a record OVER $25,000 this year and with these proceeds Wildwood Hills Ranch will be able to provide scholarships to over 27 youth at-risk in 2019.

Wildwood Hills Ranch is an outcomes-oriented, life transformation program for Iowa’s most vulnerable youth and focuses on three key areas of personal development: spiritual development, leadership development and job skill development.

The most unique thing about Wildwood Hills Ranch is the 10-year commitment made to our students. Our students receive 100% scholarships, which is covered by donors, fundraising events and grants.  A yearly sponsorship of $800 opens the door for underprivileged children to make new friends, gain new skills and get on track towards a happy, healthy and productive life. The services that we provide include educational programming, financial literacy, equine therapy and conference and retreat services to over 1,000 individuals annually.