Countdown to Lent! - Machine Shed


Did you know Lent starts next week? We may be known for pork and steak, but we have some amazing seafood options here at The Shed as well! Featured in this video is Chef Guy DeSerio who currently works at Rockford Machine Shed and has been with the company for 22 years. He demonstrates how we prepare and cook the Machine Shed’s Sautéed Savory Shrimp. This dish can be ordered as an appetizer or an entrée during lunch and dinner for a perfect meat alternative dish!

Other meatless dishes include our Grilled Salmon that is either served with our white wine cream sauce or roasted on a cedar plank with our apple bourbon glaze or our delicious Catfish that is American pond-raised, bone-in catfish. Don’t forget – we have our Friday Night Fish Fry every week! So whatever you choose, you can always have a delicious, Lent appropriate meal at the Machine Shed!