King of the Grill - Machine Shed


As Father’s Day approaches, it is time to start thinking of special ways to show all of the dads out there just how much they mean to each of us. Nothing warms the heart more than a handcrafted gift made with love from their little ones. We know that all dads are different and their interests vary from sports to reading and everything in between, but we also know one thing every father likes – being the king of the grill. This is why we have found the perfect homemade gift from blupla to give to Dad this Father’s day that will keep him stylish while he fires up the grill. All you need is:

  1. A plain white apron
  2. Orange and yellow washable paint
  3. A black puff pen or sharpie

You start by laying out the apron flat on a table for your little one. They will then dip their hand in the orange and yellow paint. After their hand is covered in paint they will press it down onto the middle of the white apron in a circle formation. After the paint dries you can use the black puff paint to draw a lion face in the middle of the hand circle. From there you can write any variation of, “Dad is king of the grill” on the apron or add any decorations you would like.

If you want to add something really special to this gift, check out our last post about our Father’s Day Giveaway. Many of our locations are giving away a free grill to one lucky customer that would look amazing alongside this apron.