Caning 101 E-Book! - Machine Shed

At the Machine Shed, we take pride in honoring the American Farmer which drives us to source as much fresh and local produce as we can. Every spring each Machine Shed location plants their own garden that is filled with delicious fruits and vegetables that we utilize in our Machine Shed recipes, as well as sourcing a variety of products from local farmers. We encourage every one of our guests to incorporate this garden to table process at home and for those of you who do we have constructed a Canning 101 E-Book to help make your fresh produce last for years. The process of canning is a method used to preserve food, such as fruits and vegetables, in which the food contents are processed and sealed in an airtight container. Throughout this E-Book, we will share with you the equipment used for canning, the difference between water bath canning and pressure canning, the best fruits and vegetables to can, and more. We hope you check it out – click here to download your own copy!