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Garden Bird Houses

During the spring and summer many homeowners concentrate on decorating their property.  Families plant backyard gardens filled with colorful vegetables and plant sweet smelling flowers in their yards.  While decorative vegetables and lovely flowers can create a strong impression, adding a decorative garden bird house to a yard will help it stand out from the crowd. Garden bird houses are the best money spent to bring your yard alive with excitement.

Garden bird houses come in many different styles and colors, some garden bird houses are very unique, making it easy for you to choose which garden bird house will match your home and compliment your blooming garden.

When you are choosing a garden bird house, you might want to provide a birdfeeder as well as birdbath to further compliment your garden and attract your feathered friends. Make sure your garden bird house is one that you want to see everyday for the rest of the summer and that you want your neighbors to see.  After you have set your garden bird house up and it is occupied you will be unable to move it until winter.

Garden bird houses are often made of colorful materials or just lovely wood. Garden bird houses can be very large or relatively small depending on your tastes or needs. When choosing the size of your garden bird houses, look around and see what sorts of birds frequent your area. If you notice mainly large birds then you will need a larger garden bird house.  On the other hand, if you only see small birds then stick to a smaller garden bird house. Research what sort of bird’s visit your yard to help make sure your garden bird house gets used by nesting birds.

Garden bird houses and the birds they attract will add a lively presence to your yard and will be even more entertaining than anything you are growing in your garden. Along with the added color of your garden bird house, your yard will now benefit from the added color of the birds living in your yard.  Once birds have settled in your garden bird house you can expect to see them until Fall.

Once the birds have left for the season, be sure to clean your garden bird houses out thoroughly. Use water and a disinfectant that is meant to be used on bird houses. As soon as your garden bird houses are clean they will be ready for use next spring when the birds return to nest again.


We found this article on mybirdgarden.com and thought you would enjoy it. To read the original article, please click here.