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Machine Shed Blog

The Chickens Have Arrived at the Coop!

The Chickens Have Arrived at the Coop!

In the first week of January, the construction team at The Machine Shed made the final touches to The Coop, and our chickens were welcomed into their new home. Adorned with mini picnic tables and swings, and large windows where our guests can see inside the nesting boxes, The Coop is our love letter to American farming at its best. Our flock has thirteen amazing chickens that consist of a large variety of breeds including the Ameraucana, Whiting True Green, and Blue Andalusian. You will be able to learn more about our chickens at The Machine Shed and eventually on our website, so keep an eye open for future updates.


Meet The Flock

Max (Blue Laced Red Wyandotte), Amy (Bielefelder) & Simone Eggway (Blue Andalusian)

Inspired by beloved radio hosts in Des Moines, we’re thrilled to introduce Max & Amy from “Max & Amy In The Morning” and Simone Eggway, paying homage to Simon Conway from “The Simon Conway Show.”


Papa Mike (Silver Laced Wyandotte), Julia (Rhode Island Red) & Benjamin (Blue Andalusian)

El Jefe (Whiting True Blue), Chuck-A-Doodle-Do (Ameraucana) & Hank Cluckiams (Dark Brahma)

Four of our chickens still need names and we are going to need your help! Make sure to stay connected with us on social media to learn how.