Get ready to uncork the holiday spirit with this Christmas DIY project. What better way to repurpose those wine corks that you may have lying around then by making a cute Christmas tree that is perfect for this holiday season? Follow these simple steps below and make as many trees as you like of all shapes and sizes.


What you will need:

  • 30 Wine Corks
  • Small star (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint Brush
  • White Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Paper Plate



  1. Pick out 30 wine corks that are all similar in size. Depending on your desired tree size, you can always incorporate more or less.
  2. Make different shades of green by mixing the white and green paints together on a paper plate.
  3. Paint both ends of the wine cork the same shade of green or white, then continue to do so for all the remaining corks. Lay the corks flat on each of their sides on a paper towel so both ends can dry completely.
  4. Once dried, plug in your hot glue gun and choose 5 corks to start constructing the tree by beginning at the bottom. Make sure to rotate the colors so there are different shades throughout the tree.
  5. Glue one side of the cork and stick another cork to it. Set both corks down on a  paper plate or paper towel to let the glue cool, then repeat with the remaining 3 corks to finish the bottom.
  6. Once the bottom row is complete, build the next layers individually by gluing 4 corks together for the second layer, 3 corks together for the third layer, 2 corks together for the fourth layer and then 1 on top. After each layer is completely dried, glue the layers together accordingly.
  7. Finish the tree by gluing the last cork in an upright position on the bottom middle cork so it resembles the tree trunk.
  8. If you have a star to add on top, now is the time to do so.