FabricFlowers 040

FabricFlowers 002

Cut strips of extra fabric, approx.18 to 24 inches.

Sew a basting stitch (or largest setting on machine) the full length of the fabric.  Do not backstitch and leave enough thread at the end to make gathering easier.



FabricFlowers 004 FabricFlowers 005

Gather the fabric by pulling a single strand of thread.  Keep gathering until the entire strip is complete. Thread a needle and flatten out your gathered piece of fabric.

At one end begin rolling the fabric and using the thread and needle, make a stitch to secure that fold.  Continue rolling and stitching until you’ve reached the end.

FabricFlowers 008 FabricFlowers 010


FabricFlowers 011

Pull out fabric and fluff until you get your desired look.  You can attach a safety pin or hot glue on to a barette, or any item you want to add it to.