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Shopping 101

Shopping 101

With Christmas lists forming and advertisements flowing, the stress of Holiday shopping may begin to sneak up on you. Do not let buying gifts ruin your Holiday spirit. Instead follow some of these quick tips to make your shopping spree easy and filled with joy.

  1. Do not go to the store without first making a list. If you do not know what you want before you enter a store the abundance of merchandise may be overwhelming. You will also end up spending too much time and money. If an item you did not put on your list seems desirable there is a good chance it is a want more than a need and caving into one “want” opens a never-ending cycle.
  2. Set a time-frame and a budget. This goes hand in hand with our first tip. Gift shopping is all about the thought; do not break your bank. Make sure you know how much you are able to and comfortable with spending before going. Also your time is precious so spend it wisely. Do not aimlessly wander a store. This also tends to lead to budget issues.
  3. Do not buy something just because it is on “sale.” More often than not when shopping in the sale section we end up with purchases we do not really want or need. Sale items also do add up. Instead of spending $10 on three items you think are just okay, spend $30 on one thing you really like or save the money all-together. Quality over quantity is the key.
  4. When shopping for you, always try items on and snap a picture in the dressing room. Taking a picture of yourself in an outfit will give you a better understanding of how others will see you. Trying items on also lets you avoid the process of returning an item. Think about throwing a brush and some lip gloss in your purse before shopping. This will allow you to see how it will look when you wear it for events.
  5. Sign up for email lists to your favorite stores. This will allow you to be updated with any coupons or deals that may be going on. Consider signing up for store emails on a side email not your main one so your inbox is not bombarded with emails.

These are just 5 quick tips that come to mind for us when we think about shopping, especially during the busy Holiday season. We hope you remember these tips when looking for presents or even shopping for holiday party outfits. We hope these help relieve some of your shopping stress so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

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